Design Nation: On a mission to recognize, share and experience original works of art and crafted elements within modern architectural environments (1945-1975), Design Nation explores and educates on topics regarding creation, collaboration and conservation.

Activities: From social gatherings to on-site experience, our events encourage knowledge-sharing and networking in a refreshing format. Our work also includes research, writing, connecting, consulting and curatorial work, helping to illuminate this distinctive period.

Audience + Participants: Professionals in art, design, architecture and cultural organizations, along with enthusiasts and students on related paths; our shared interest is to discover historic works of art and design integral to our built environment, culling inspiration in good company. We are artists, writers, filmmakers, preservationists, educators, conservators, graphic designers, photographers, set designers, architects and more. All are welcome. 

Impact: By activating conversation and activity around these remarkable intersections of art, design and architectural history, we can contribute to their continued influence and valuable impact on cultural heritage and design practices going forward. As we grow, Design Nation will develop a digital gallery of works, artists and sites, offer more programs and tours, and raise funds for its ongoing efforts through special events.

Director, Brittany Reilly: A preservationist with a penchant for modern movements and materials in art, design and architecture, Brittany has supported organizations, individuals and studios through her work as a project manager and producer - engaging wider publics with cultural heritage, creative contemporary practice and the possibilities in between.